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If you are looking to significantly minimize the energy bill of your business, Alpha IT, in partnership with CleanWatts, has solutions that can reduce your costs by up to 50%, without any need for investment.

Discover Your Full Energy Potential

Where are we?


Number of Energy Communities




Community members

2+ TWh

Managed Energy

10.000+ T

Reduced CO2 Emissions


Metered Points

Some of CleanWatts Clients
Current electrical scenario

History and Evolution Futures Market Prices OMIP | From 2022 to 2024

The industry predicts prices will remain high until at least 2024.

Our Solution
Many companies struggle with rising energy prices.

We offer a turnkey solution that helps your company to:

Reduce your energy bill by up to 50%

Becoming more sustainable through production of your own energy

Have a positive impact in the local community

Reduce your energy bill by up to 50%

Become more sustainable by producing your own energy

Have a positive impact on the local community


Monthly fees for renting the roof

Savings on energy bills

Optimization of consumed energy

Guaranteed supply

Be Community Ready

Social and environmental benefits

Typical Business Model

Our Approach

Where You Can Save
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Typical Business Model

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Our Approach

Up to 60% savings
Renewable Energy Communities
What is the new paradigm?
Benefits limited to investors
At the moment
Extended community benefits: Sharing energy from panels with neighbors
Positive Impact on the Local Community


Better relations with public entities

Achieve environmental goals


Green marketing

Sustainable development goals

Added value



Guaranteed supply


Stability and security

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